Rivulis offers a free service toits customer growersfor monitoring crops and detecting irrigation issues with satellite imagery.

Rivulis, a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and deployingmicro-irrigation products and solutions, has launched ReelView, giving growers using Rivulis products access to an advanced set of crop monitoring tools from their mobile phone.

The service is offered at no extra charge with every roll of Rivulis drip line and tape (terms and conditions apply).ReelView uses satellite imagery and advanced algorithmsto enable growers to detect irrigation, fertilizer, disease, and other issues, even before they can be seen with the naked eye by looking out for changes in vegetation and plant wetness. These are represented by easy-to-usecolor-codedfields maps.ReelView is powered by Manna Irrigation Intelligence, Rivulis’ precision agriculture service.

Richard Klapholz, CEO says, “Rewarding our customers for choosing Rivulis drip line and tape with this advanced and unique technologyis a very tangible example of our commitment to a more sustainable future for growers around the world through smart – and in this case, free – service.”

By monitoring vegetation variations and abnormalities, growers can identify under irrigated areas in the field that warrant further investigation. By contrast, plant wetness variability shows different moisture levels in the plants themselves, not the soil. Irrigation problems often show up first by a lack of moisture in plants so that issues can be identified early. Plant wetness variability might also indicate over-irrigation of crops.

ReelViewlets growers analyze the development of their crops throughout the season and up to three years of historic field data. It also provides hyper-local weather data specific to their fields.

ReelView is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, and Russian, with more languages available soon.Presently, ReelView is available in select countries.

By helping growers using our products better spot possible issues regarding irrigation and plant health, the free ReelView app is their crop’s eye in the sky.