Aqua4D : New F-A Pro M

Aqua4D’s brand new F-A Pro M is a a self-contained system for plug-and-play precision irrigation. This innovative Skid is pre-assembled in Switzerland, before being delivered in its entirety to the customer.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this advanced water treatment system is ultra-portable, (ideal for when irrigation ceases in winter, for example). Depending on the required flow rate, the system is available in 6 configurations ranging from 42 to 172 m3/h (184 to 757 US gpm). The F-A Pro M requires only a small amount of power to run and can also be connected to an off-grid solar installation if no mains connection is available on site. This is the latest in Aqua4D’s product line of water-smart technology for improving efficiencies and resource use in irrigated agriculture. Manufactured in Switzerland from highest quality materials, Aqua4D® systems are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and meet CE and IECEE CB certification standards. With the F-A Pro M, Aqua4D are ready to scale up water efficiency to new heights, helping ever more growers make a sustainable transition. Be part of this new era in precision irrigation, making every drop count.