Hunter : HDL-COP

Designed to reduce root intrusion, the Hunter Copper Dripline (HDL-COP) offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for subsurface and above-ground drip irrigation.

This innovative product provides three solid lines of defence to prevent root invasion, thus ensuring a reliable, long-term operation: 1. Copper-infused emitters. Copper oxide-infused emitters provide triple protection, lowering the risk of root intrusion. Copper oxide will not wear off or leach into the soil, protecting the eco-system. 2. Slow-draining check valve greatly reduces low-point pooling and drains the dripline to deter moisture-seeking roots and animals. 3. Root-deterrent design: the full-sized emitter outlet pool and raised wall prevent debris and roots from entering the dripper. Furthermore, the anti-siphon feature prevents debris from entering the system, eliminating the need for an air relief valve. Multiple inlet filters in the emitter and a wide turbulent path provide greater tolerance. Hunter