Irritec : Smart Irrigation Now at Home!

Irritec, for over 40 years among the leading companies of smart irrigation, is proud to bring micro-irrigation techniques directly to your home. Irritec's ready to use Kits are now available to be installed in just a few simple steps making gardening sustainable, easy and fun.

Balcony Kit. Balcony Kit drip irrigation for pots includes everything you need to set up an easy drip irrigation system for potted plants, giving each plant the right amount of water. Irritec’s up-to-date technology is the ideal solution for sustainable irrigation and, with this at-home kit, it can be used for up to 20 potted plants.

Terrace Kit. Terrace Kit is the answer for drip irrigation of up to 20 pots and planters including potted vegetables. This product features a tap control unit with intuitive programming so that the frequency and timing of irrigation can be gauged automatically, making gardening sustainable and stress free.

Veggie Garden. Veggie garden kit with its advanced technology used in micro-irrigation enables anybody to set up a drip irrigation system for vegetable gardens up to 150m2. With localized irrigation it is also possible to bring water only where needed, reducing weed growth and saving water. Therefore, the kit is perfect for vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. Irritec