Netafim : Growsphere™, an Operating System for Irrigation and Fertilisation

An intuitive all-in-one digital farming operating system that lets you seamlessly manage all your daily irrigation and fertigation activities.

During the planning, implementation and even the validation stages, you will have the certainty that you are carrying out efficient irrigation and fertigation. You can access the device from anywhere, via a mobile phone or a Cloud-connected computer. Carry out your key irrigation and fertigation tasks in one go on an intuitive and easy-to-use workspace and:  Obtain a real-time overview of your whole farm, by crop and by field. Easily modify, skip, stop and resume irrigation programs and stations. Receive "real-time" alerts and notifications about the performance of your irrigation system. Monitor the irrigation status of your fields and the crop water stress levels with the use of soil, weather and plant sensors. Easily create and manage your own irrigation strategy and schedule. Easily generate, modify and export reports to manage traceability and track crop performances. Improve your irrigation planning with Crop Advisor recommendations adapted to the crop's vegetative stage. Netafim