A Preview of Idrofoglia’s Turbowing Range of Irrigation Machine

After having monitored and discussed the use of spraying booms as an irrigation system and on the basis of the feedback received from various players and users, we have decided to enter this growing market with the utmost determination.

Idrofoglia is therefore pleased to present its new TURBOWING range of spraying booms. We will be on site to unveil our machines at the Agritechnica show to be held in Hannover from 12th to 18th November 2023. Our comprehensive range will extend from a 30-metre model (TW30) to larger machines with irrigated widths of more than 90 metres (TW76). The main argument that convinced us to enter this sector is, without doubt, the energy savings achieved by using this irrigation technique. Another aspect, just as important, is irrigation uniformity, which helps to prevent soil degradation. In any event, saving on energy is a key factor, especially at a time when energy costs have increased tenfold. All of our booms can be fitted with accessories that allow them to be better adapted to the machines according to the type of terrain, crops and user needs. As our man partners for the supply and distribution of water, we have chosen Nelson, Komet and Sime for this great project. Our sales team will be more than happy to send you all the information about this new TURBOWING range. Idrofoglia