Rainfine Robot Box: A Game-Changing Technology For Center Pivots

Center pivots are no longer just irrigation devices, but robots in the field that apply water/chemicals/fungicides/ insecticides/ herbicides.

How does it work? Constant move: Thanks to an angle sensor and circuit board, the pivot moves constantly rather than the intermittent movements of current pivots. Fast move: By increasing the frequency from 60/50Hz to 12/60Hz and the gear ratio of the center drive from 40:1 to 10:1, the pivot speed is 8 times faster than existing pivots.

How to convert your current pivot to a constant, fast-move model? Install Rainfine Robot Boxes on the existing tower boxes. Wire span cable (11 strands) to the robot boxes instead of the old boxes. Replace the old center drives (0.75 hp) with more powerful ones (3 hp).

Note: If your pivot power cable is 14 gauge, replace it with 10 gauge cable.

Rainfine Robot Boxes can be installed on any brand of pivots without changing the main control panels or existing remote control devices. Rainfine