Simplifying irrigation design through digital innovation: the Rivulis Hydraulic Tool

Rivulis has updated and improved its irrigation design tool. The Hydraulic Tool is accessible from mobile phones and desktop computers and is targeted to technical support and irrigation professionals.

A user-friendly, simple-to-access in-field tool that allows you to input a variety of specific details and variables for trusted irrigation calculations. Open to all, register for free, it is a complimentary bow in the string to Rivulis’ other powerful smart farming tools like the well-respected WCADI, used extensively by irrigation engineers around the world to design some of the most sophisticated and advanced irrigation solutions. Key benefits of the hydraulic tool include the capability to do lateral calculations and instantly retrieve the hydraulic properties of Rivulis and NaanDanJain products from the extensive in-built database. Easily create your lateral design, including factoring in the impact of sloping ground and lateral length required. Automatically calculates head loss, the pressure required at the start of the lateral, and other parameters to create a design that delivers optimum performance. The calculator can determine sub-main and mainline calculations, and the optimum diameter and length configurations to meet the required flow rate, while also calculating head loss and velocity. It allows you to account for variables such as sloping ground and whether the sub-main is in the middle or at the end of the field.It evaluates to quickly get a picture of the overall system by using the Irrigation Design component. By entering the necessary information (water emission product, irrigation area, application rate, flow rate of water source, and maximum available irrigation time) Rivulis Hydraulic Tool determines if your water source is sufficient for irrigation and shows necessary adjustments for desired applications. As well as determining the best sprinkler design layout, Every Drop Counts (EDC) is an inbuilt tool that evaluates sprinkler profiles and coverage. It calculates CU and DU based on your selected Rivulis (NaanDanJain) sprinkler and layout configuration, providing a visual representation of the water application rate. Rivulis