You can do it all: more environmentally friendly Rivulis T-Tape White, same trusted performance

Rivulis is proud to lead the charge with the launch of its new T-Tape White, made from 50% recycled materials. Until recently tapes and thin wall drip lines could only be made with one blend of resins.

T-Tape White has three layers of optimized product performance, a premium virgin white exterior which provides initial temperature reduction of the water when in direct sunlight, a middle layer utilizing recycled material for sustainability, and a black interior layer for protection against algae growth inside the tube. This is relevant for young seedlings that have been transplanted from a stable to a harsher environment when the feeder roots are more sensitive to water temperature. Other benefits include reduced calcium carbonate build-up, meaning less scale build-up in the drip itself, higher visibility in the field, and less elongation during the season. Rivulis