Rivulis, a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and deployingmicro-irrigation products and solutions, has launched ReelView, giving growers using Rivulis products access to ...> See details

Aqua4D’s brand new F-A Pro M is a a self-contained system for plug-and-play precision irrigation. This innovative Skid is pre-assembled in Switzerland, before being delivered in its entirety to t...> See details

The new Tecnidro IdromembranaING Series is an innovative patented control valve designed to work in gardening/landscape applications but also in agriculture applications thanks to the several advan...> See details

Pre-installed GBS25 solenoid designed to with stand surges up to 25kV. Golf courses in lightning-prone regions, those that use reclaimed water and those that need water pressure regulation, now hav...> See details

The longevity and performance of drip irrigation systems are determined by a number of factors: water quality, the quality of the irrigation system and maintenance.


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Elysée offers a complete range of Stop-Tap valves for sizes 20, 25 & 32 mm designed for conveyance of fluids and developed for water utilities, plumbing, agricultural and irrigation applicatio...> See details

Years of experience and research has shown that typical hose reel travelers irrigate most uniformly when the sprinkler has an arc setting of 270°.


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A PAT. PENDING, Non-Impact 1/2” sprinkler mounted on Irristand 52 or riser. Maintenance free.


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NaanDanJain Super 10. Extra-range, ball-driven sprinkler mounted on Irristand 52. Applications: Field crops, greenhouses, residential and landscaping

For extra-range spacing...> See details

A PAT. PEND heavy-duty stand for solid-set sprinkler systems, with special engineering design for easy and quick assembling, ensures perfect operational flexibility.


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