On 2 May 2024
By Xavier EFTIMAKIS, agronome spécialisé en pilotage tensiométrique de l'irrigation.
On 2 May 2024
By Jesus Yuste ingenerio agronome, Itacyl
On 8 December 2023
By Jose M. Fontela, Senninger
On 23 October 2023
By by Fleur Martin, Irrigazette
On 28 August 2023
By Eliad Sasoni, Rivulis
On 28 August 2023
On 26 April 2023
By Carole Isbérie, formerly IRSTEA (currently known as INRAE), Xavier Eftimakis (Challenge Agriculture)
On 6 March 2023
By Fleur Martin with the participation of NaanDanJain