Hunter : A Faster, Easier Way to Connect ICC2 Controllers

Installing a commercial controller is challenging without an internet connection.

So what can contractors do when local Wi-Fi or LAN access is out of range or unavailable, or they aren’t allowed to log in to their customers’ secure network?

A Secure, Reliable Connection

The new ICC2 Cellular Connection Module integrates seamlessly with ICC2 Controllers and Centralus™ Software to overcome these obstacles. The simple, plug-in module gives contractors full system and hydraulic control from the palm of their hand.

• Connects directly to 4G LTE networks so contractors can manage controller setup independently

• Preinstalled SIM card provides quick data activation and convenient service plan options within the Centralus Irrigation Management Platform

• Enables flow monitoring capabilities via the cloud to provide system-level flow rates and totals with automatic high-flow shutdown and alert notifications

“The sleek design of the ICC2 Cellular Connection Module allows for quick and easy internet access with the option to extend the cellular antenna for optimal signal strength,” said Ben Sacks, Product Manager at Hunter Industries. “This flexibility helps ensure a reliable connection to Centralus Software and the local cellular network.”