Simplifying irrigation design through digital innovation: Rivulis in-field Hydraulic Tool

Rivulis announces the updated, improved, and most accurate tool for irrigation professionals to support on-the-money product and solutions recommendations for farmers.

 It is not every day that you implement a new irrigation system, but everyday technology and options for optimal irrigation evolve to suit the changing needs of climate, farmers, and consumers alike. Rivulis knows this, and how to make sure irrigation professionals are at the forefront of developments to always provide the best insight and advice to customers.

“Our ongoing commitment to making irrigation accessible and farmers profitable is paramount. We love what we do, and continually invest in staying ahead of the curve. This is why we have built on the Rivulis Hydraulic Tool. Accessible from a mobile phone, and targeted to technical support, sales teams, dealers, and sophisticated farmer users, the Hydraulic Tool is a simple to-access in-field tool that allows you to input a variety of specific details and variables for trusted irrigation estimations” says Uri Antebi, Software Product Manager, Rivulis.

Open to all, register for free, the Hydraulic Tool is a complimentary bow in the string to Rivulis’ other powerful smart farming tools like the well-respected WCADI, used extensively by irrigation engineers around the world to design some of the most sophisticated and advanced irrigation solutions.

“The user interface is second to none, and the dedication to understating the installer's needs is evident, I am confident that the grower is given the best estimations and recommendations. Hydraulic Tool makes it possible to offer better irrigation design planning and presentation. To show farmers the proposed design in-field considering the effect of the slope in the configuration of their emitter, even when there is no internet connection is impressive”, shares Ruben Garcia, Product Manager in Rivulis EU, Spain. 

Growing to a leadership position and through extensive acquisition of the most trusted brands in the market, like most recently NaanDanJain, Rivulis has the broadest range of micro-irrigation solutions, and the Hydraulic Tool has been updated to reflect this extensive portfolio of high-quality products, making sure customers get the very best, every time.

“Offering key information and estimates upfront about a project, means you know what you are in for. Through its professional user interface, the tool has been updated to include the full product range, allowing for fully customizable data inputs directly from the field, reducing margin of error and significant time savings,” continues Antebi.

Benefits include:

  • Lateral calculations: instantly retrieve the hydraulic properties of Rivulis and NaanDan products from the extensive in-built database. Easily create your lateral design, including factoring in the impact of sloping ground and lateral length required. The Hydraulic Tool automatically calculates head loss, the pressure required at the start of the lateral, and other parameters to create a design that delivers optimum performance.
  • Sub-main and mainline calculations: the calculator can determine the optimum diameter and length configurations to meet the required flow rate, while also calculating head loss and velocity. It allows you to account for variables such as sloping ground and whether the sub-main is in the middle or at the end of the field.
  • Evaluate and overall system: quickly get a picture of the overall system by using the Irrigation Design component. By entering the necessary information (water emission product, irrigation area, application rate, flow rate of water source, and maximum available irrigation time) Rivulis Hydraulic Tool determines if your water source is sufficient for irrigation and shows necessary adjustments for desired applications.
  • Determine the best sprinkler design layout: Every Drop Counts (EDC) is an inbuilt tool that evaluates sprinkler profiles and coverage. It calculates CU and DU based on your selected Rivulis or NaanDan sprinkler and layout configuration, providing a visual representation of the water application rate.

“Giving our customers more control and surety gives us peace of mind. Thousands of irrigation stakeholders use the Hydraulic Tool, with numbers growing, and we are proud and pleased to offer this value add,” concludes Antebi.