We don’t need to remind ourselves of the challenges facing us in terms of the volumes and quality of water used, even in the areas that we believed were immune from shortages. In...> See details


Sprinkler irrigation – by which the water is distributed in the air as droplets over a circular area – is the traditional method on irrigated tea estates in Tanzania.  Abo...> See details


In this article, we are going to cover the subject of saving water with the use of programmers and sensors.


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Situated in the heart of the Forest of Chantilly, the training centre places at the disposal of the elite of the horse racing world the use of 4 training areas spread over about 2,...> See details


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Variable rate application of many crop inputs is a cornerstone of precision agriculture. There has been much work investigating the effects of variable rate application of nutrient...> See details


The design of an irrigation system is essential to ensure that an installation can be relied upon, year after year, even with the harshest of winters. 


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The Allianz Riviera is a multi-use stadium, situated in the Saint-Isidore district of Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes. It has about 35,000 seats. Its home club is Olympique gymnaste club Nice ...> See details


The technical options currently available, computerisation, electronics, energy management, Internet, offer renewed prospects for using soil moisture measurements to make irrigatio...> See details