NETBOW™ is an innovative user-friendly dripper arc adapted for container irrigation and offering superb water distribution and resistance to clogging. 

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Heavy Duty Pressure-Compensating (PC) and Compensating Non- Leakage (CNL) online Button Dripper.

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Bridgeless non-drip inverted micro sprinkler with improved wear resistance. Ideal for overhead irrigation in greenhouses.

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Irritec, for over 40 years among the leading companies of smart irrigation, is proud to bring micro-irrigation techniques directly to your home. Irritec's ready to use Kits are now available to be ...> See details

K-Rain Manufacturing announces the global release of their new 2-wire irrigation controller. 

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To bring two-wire technology to more projects, we developed the revolutionary, cost-effectiveEZ Decoder System(EZDS). 

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The incredible health crisis and economic storm that we have lived through will leave its scars and affect the future of generations to come. A new world is being created. The financial...> See details

Maintaining you garden properly involves efficient irrigation. There are a number of irrigation systems, which allow for the exact amount of water to be applied to your plants, resulting in conside...> See details

This General Assembly gave us all an opportunity to review the year 2020, a very specific year, bearing in mind the health crisis that we have been experiencing for almost a year.

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Did you know that the average annual consumption of water for a garden of 100 m2 is equivalent to that consumed by two adults? In fact, it is estimated that the average annual consumption is 1,000&...> See details