The EIA is committed to sustainability with the Taxonomy Project

In Spring 2023, EIA launched a project with the support of Ambrosetti House (1) aimed at promoting a greater representation of the irrigation industry in the European Taxonomy project (EU Regulation 2020/852) (2).

This project, that is carried out with the support of The European House-Ambrosetti (2), will pave the way for the irrigation sector to develop the outlines of a sustainability process within the framework of the EU Taxonomy Project, particularly for EIA member companies involved in the application of the new CSRD - Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (3), and to identify the key messages advocated by the Association for the Institutions, in particular with regard to matters relating to the new Environmental Delegated Act, which will come into force in January 2023.

The project relies on the input provided by a Working Group that is responsible for providing the technical information necessary for its development, inputs that will be used internally and not publicly divulged.  The working group will finalize the first phase of the taxonomy project en of October, and the results will be released to members shortly.


To join the EIA as member, please contact:

Fleur Martin